A Lil' Joy Kids Voiceovers is JOYFULLY comprised of the Professional Voiceover Talent Duo and Sister-Sister Team,

Lileina Joy and Lucy Capri.

Lileina and Lucy are highly experienced and JOYFUL voiceover artists, as well as on-camera and print principal talent, whose professional voiceover experience includes:


Commercials  *  eLearning  *  Animation  *  Audio Books *  

Games  *  Toys  *  Apps  *  PSAs  *  Network Promos  *  ADR


This talented Sister-Sister Team not only loves performing, but also kicking goals with their soccer teams, practicing the acoustic guitar, learning to paint like Van Gogh and swimming like mermaids. 


At any moment, you might find them breaking out JOYFULLY in song about whatever is going on (just like their Daddy, who is a professional musician and singer). Their family's first JOY is found in Christ (Romans 15:13).


This Dynamic Little Duo began performing professionally in 2015. They are trained in acting, singing and voiceovers, and take direction extremely well. Both girls continually receive glowing feedback from directors and coaches alike; reviews are available below.

Both Lileina Joy and Lucy Capri are homeschooled, have an open availability and can provide a very fast turn-around on production requests. They are represented by various professional talent agencies and managers worldwide. Both girls hold current New York, California and Georgia entertainment work permits, as well as active passports.

We      Our Clients!
  Voiceovers (125+)  *  On-Camera  *  Broadway Tour  *  Print  
* 2018 - 2019 Booking Highlights & Adventures *
 Multiple Animation, Video & Commercial VO Projects (Lileina & Lucy)  &  Various Theatrical Adventures (Lucy): 2 Feature Films ("Fractured" Opposite Sam Worthington & "Hillbilly Elegy" Directed By Ron Howard), 2 Series ("Queen America" Opposite Catherine Zeta Jones & "The Right Stuff" Co-Produced By Leonardo DiCaprio, & Select Engagement Performances with the National Broadway Tour of "Waitress: The Musical"



"I had the absolute pleasure and honor of working with Miss Lileina Joy on an on-camera commercial and voiceover. I am a huge fan of kids and I love working with them, but never have I had so much fun and seen such a professional as I did with young Lileina! Her attitude and energy were fun, funny, infectious, dedicated and unflagging. She knew her lines to a tee, but they in no way sounded memorized. She is a heck of a natural and she won everyone over. She is an amazing talent and a blast to work with!" – NBC Creative Services Director

“It was such a pleasure working with Lucy.  Her initial VO audition was terrific and then she was perfect in yesterday’s session.  We couldn’t believe how great she took direction for only being six years old.  Lucy is  a voiceover talent star in the making!  She was adorable and is at the top of our list for future projects.” - Creative Director

“What a JOY it was to work with Lileina Joy! She took direction exceptionally well, was focused and wasn’t afraid to try new things, as well as take some risks. Lileina is a Director’s dream! Take after take, she kept giving me what I wanted, and remained positive and energetic throughout. She is an extremely talented young lady who truly brought sunshine to my day!” - VO Director

"What a little PRO little Lucy is! This is the first time we've worked with a talent as young as she, and we were blown away. We've worked kids twice her age -- and they were a handful! It's very clear to see how much Lucy loves what she's doing. Great job Lucy (and team)!!!" - VO Client

"We are very happy to have worked with Lileina on our video. We could not have found a better choice to bring our story to life. Lileina was an absolute pleasure to work with and followed direction extremely well; she is already very professional, at such a young age.  Amazing work Lileina and thank you again!" - VO Client

"Recently, I had the fortunate opportunity to work with Miss Lucy Capri on my most recent film.  She always had a positive attitude and took direction very well.  She has a strong work ethic, especially considering her age, and wasn’t shy about working around a bunch of people she had only just met. Her contagious smiles and laughs made her a true joy to work with!  Lucy clearly enjoyed being on set just as much as the team and I enjoyed having her there." - Film Producer

"I can't begin to tell you how wonderful it is to work with a child who literally needs no direction.  Lileina is super smart and gives her all during every rehearsal and performance.  She is captivating to watch. Lileina draws the audience's attention and your heart easily feels for her character.  She is an amazing young talent!" - Theater Director

“Unbelievable how 'Lulu' (played by a young Lucy Capri) lit up the theater last night.  You could feel the excitement of the audience very quickly.  In very short order, Lucy made her audience instantly fall in love with her!" - WAITRESS: The Broadway Musical Tour Review

"Lileina did a superb job with our project. She has a very expressive voice that works well as an authentic child with lots of energy and great articulation while also preserving the fidelity of a childlike personality. We will definitely be considering her for future projects." - VO Producer

"Lucy Capri has a super sweet voice. We enjoyed working with this little talent on this fun commercial. The spot will be that much sweeter because of her. Thank you for the fast turnaround and being so on-point. Great job!" - VO Director

“I had the recent pleasure to cast Lileina Joy in my latest film.  Lileina has a warm infectious personality, which lights up on camera. Her work and work ethic, displays the technical merits of a seasoned theatre actor, being meticulously prepared and taking direction extremely well.  Lileina exhibits a true desire to perform.  She was well-prepared with her dialogue, always hit her marks, and with each take, was fresh and full of the same energy.  Lileina possess a very special kind of talent.  It was a GREAT pleasure to work with her and I look forward to doing so again in the near future.” - FULL SAIL Writer/Director

"Lucy is a little GEM.  She sparkles on-stage and you can't keep your eyes off of her.  Her voice and inflections are always so spot on - she is an absolute natural - it is very surprising considering her young age!  Lucy is very focused and always paying attention to everything happening on-stage (you never see her looking around or staring out into the audience).  She remains in character and clearly has a LOT of fun doing it!  Lucy also knows everyone's lines - she can recite an entire script (with different voices too).  She is an absolute pleasure to work with.  We are looking forward to continuing to have Lucy in our productions as she grows up!" - Theater Director

"Lileina is a great talent; there was excellent scheduling coordination and communication.  Working with her was a wonderful experience - she is a top-notch child talent.  What an absolute pleasure to work together.  We will hire again!" - VO Client

"Lucy was the most professional child talent we’ve worked with yet. We can't wait to complete this spot and are so glad Lucy is a part of it!  Looking forward to working together again very soon." - Commercial Director


"AMAZING WORK, Lileina :)  Thank you so much for being so on top of this project; our client loved the VO!  You are so sweet and talented.  Looking forward to working together again." - VO Producer

"Lucy Capri was an absolute JOY to work with! She brings her characters to life with absolute perfection and honesty. Lucy took all of my directions eagerly with a smile and was always ready for the next take. She has a level of professionalism and energy that make her a perfect child actor. I look forward to working with her again!" - Film Director

"Lileina Joy was... PERFECT! We appreciate the amount of variety she gave to her takes, it definitely gives us a SO much to work with.  She far exceeded our expectations on this project and we looking forward to working with you all again in the future!” - VO Client

“I have been sharing with others about Lucy’s work on the show.  She’s going to have a big career in acting, for as long as she loves doing it . . . She is DYNAMITE in her recurring role and we are so proud of her!  She is a precious young girl and so wonderful to work with.”  – “Queen America” Director, A. Jones

"Lileina Joy is adorable and super talented! It’s hard for kids to change inflection and cadence, especially during a read. She is a little pro!  You made our job so easy!  Thank you!" - VO Client

Lucy is a phenomenal young actress!  I was smitten with her the first time we met and I loved working with her.  She is just wonderful!” - “Queen America” Producer, J. Williams


"Excellent work, Lileina! Exceeded expectations! Great communication and turnaround times! Looking forward to working together again soon! – VO Client

Lucy truly did such a wonderful job on the first season of our show – we are so, so, so proud of her!  Episode 8 is my favorite and it makes me teary eyed when I watch it . . . Seeing our little actress Lucy do such a GREAT job against the legendary Catherine Zeta-Jones (and seeing how kindly Catherine worked with Lucy) were very special moments for me to experience.  Lucy far exceeded my expectations – she was SO great!!!” – “Queen America” Creator / Writer / Producer, M. Oppenheimer

"Lileina was absolutely a work of wonder.  We could not believe her intonation and voice quality for her age.  She did an outstanding job and the final cuts were more than we had hoped for by FAR!  We will be booking her again very soon.  Heidi's communication was timely, accommodating and extremely positive.  If you need professional young voice talent, you cannot get any better quality all the way around!  Thanks, Lileina and Heidi!  Our product came out wonderful and AMAZING thanks to Lileina's talents and JOY!" - VO Client

“I have been deeply impressed with Lucy's poise and professionalism over these past few months of working with her on ‘Fractured.’  Everything she has done has been spot on.  She has a very exciting career ahead!”  (B. Anderson, Netflix Film Director)

"Lileina's takes were INCREDIBLE!  So happy with them and what a VARIETY - she is very talented!  While we knew she’d give us some great takes, we were really just so impressed by the many choices she gave us.  It was hard to pick the best ones to use!  Great job Lileina!  Thank you so much!"

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